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Managing your planning, info & status as a driver at all times

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A versatile application

The app facilitates the driver’s work throughout the journey. The driver can see the planning for each day. The goods and quantities can be validated via the app and corrected if necessary. With the timer, the loading and unloading times are neatly registered. Navigation can be started directly from the app. Documents can be scanned via the app and automatically saved in the right place in your TMS. Damages and deviations can be saved as an image in the dossier. Communication between planner and driver is also logged in the file.

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12GO APP has functionalities and options that make work easier for your drivers and also enhance communication between your drivers and planners.

Connects to your current TMS

12GO offers a tailor-made application that connects 1-to-1 with your current TMS. This way, the driver always has up-to-date data about his assignments and the planner is always aware of the status of the assignments. In this way, changes can be better accommodated and, if necessary, extra assignments can be added.

Goods validation

While checking the goods, the driver can easily validate the quantities and correct them if necessary. This is automatically fed back to the planner and kept in the file.

Time registration

The loading and unloading times are registered via the 12GO APP by means of a user-friendly timer. This data is automatically reported back to the planner and kept in the file.

Scanning documents

Transport documents can be recorded via the smartphone and are automatically saved in the corresponding file. Damages and deviations can also be saved as images in the file.

Notes and comments

Via the application, the driver and the planner can communicate with each other and any remarks are reported to each other in real time.


The application can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet.


Real-time information sharing between driver and planner


Saving on the investment and maintenance of on-board computers

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about 12GO APP or our other products and services.

12GO is dedicated to providing ease of use and efficiency in the transport sector.






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