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Document Management

The Document Management System from 12GO is tailor-made for your company and fits in perfectly with your existing TMS. When your administrative staff receive a lot of documents from the drivers, they can dissect, sort and store them in a digital and structured way. No more extra work in archiving and retrieving CMR documents and e-mails. Everything is registered and stored digitally.


12GO DMS has functionalities and options that make work easier for your administrative staff in the administration of all your transport documents.

Scam & import

Your scanned documents are automatically loaded into the DMS program. Using our import feature, you can also import existing documents and bundles for later processing.

No more extra work

No extra work with archiving and retrieving all your transport documents thanks to our smart system, in which all documents can be merged and stored in the right location after scanning. Scan a bundle of documents and select in our system which documents you want to merge and drag them to the right location.

Splitting bundles

If you wish to split the bundle into separate PDFs per page, you can do so with the press of a button.

Scan barcode

With this option our system will scan the barcode on the documents and automatically save all documents in the right place in your TMS or other tool. The documents are immediately saved with the correct name. The pages that belong together are also neatly merged into a pdf. In other words: With 12GO BARDMS, you can archive a whole bundle of documents in one move in dozens of different locations with the correct names.


Save enormous amounts of time through automation


Get more out of your staff by eliminating repetitive and manual work


Be environmentally aware through digitization

Do you have any questions? 

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about 12GO DMS or our other products and services.

12GO is dedicated to providing ease of use and efficiency in the transport sector.


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