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Planning of transport of goods & passengers


12GO offers a customized planning program that links up 1:1 with your current TMS, in which you can plan trips, distribute orders, create missions and communicate with the drivers. In short, everything you need for efficient planning.


12GO PLAN has functionalities and options that make work easier for your planners.

Connects to your current TMS

12GO offers a customized scheduling program that links up 1:1 with your current TMS, whichever it is. This means that your employees do not need to re-enter all your company data. If your company does not have its own TMS, we will be happy to relieve you of the burden and manage a database for you with all your desired and required data.

Clear and iconic interface

12GO plan has been developed in a user-friendly way with the simplistic aspect of the nostalgic planning board in mind, combined with the sophisticated aspect of the innovative digital world.

Your preferred planning

For us at 12GB, comfort is important. That’s why you can choose between horizontal or vertical planning, as you have always been used to.

Drag and drop functionality

User-friendly drag and drop functionality to move jobs from one driver to another.

The power of color categorization

In order to have the right insight into the planning at a glance, 12GO Plan features a color categorization. Customers can be distinguished by giving them an individual color and statuses (planned, loading, unloading, completed,…) also have a separate color categorization.

Communication with drivers

At the push of a button, you can send the complete planning to all drivers via SMS. If you use 12GO APP, the planning is linked to the drivers’ smartphone app in real time.

Tracking module

12GO has a ‘Tracking’ module that allows you to follow all your trailers on a map in the planning program. This means you know exactly where your trailers are at any given moment. This provides you with a very efficient planning that can also be changed immediately, if desired or necessary.


With the 12GO AUTOPLAN option, our system will already make a proposal for the daily schedule based on parameters that you can set yourself. This saves you a lot of time planning trips.


Create your planning in a very unique and clear way.


Make changes to your daily planning quickly and easily.


Get more out of your fleet and save on fuel.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about 12GO PLAN or our other products and services.

12GO is dedicated to providing ease of use and efficiency in the transport sector.


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