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Locate your fleet at any time and observe individual trips

Track your fleet

With 12GO TRACK you can locate your fleet at any time and observe individual journeys. For example, a tracer is placed on each trailer and records various parameters (location, temperature, humidity, etc.) of your vehicle.


12GO TRACK has functionalities and options that make it easier to locate your fleet at any time.

Link with your TMS system

The 12GO Track connects 1-on-1 with your current TMS, giving you insight into your trailers’ locations from your TMS.

Fast and economical

With 12GO Track, the tracers are installed on your desired trailer literally after two screws, allowing you to start immediately in a cost-efficient manner.

Extra accuracy

With 12GO Temp Track, additional parameters of your trailer such as temperature and humidity can be recorded.

Extra accuracy

For extra accuracy and security, you can take the 12GO Connect Track with immobilizer.

Prevent theft and unauthorized use

Thanks to the tracer, you can see the location of your trailer at any time and uncover any abuse.

Avoid hours of searching for your trailer

You know where your trailer is at any time of the day.


Locate your fleet at a glance and observe individual journeys


Proper insight into the locations ensures efficient planning


Save unnecessary trips by having insight into the locations of your trailers at the right time

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about 12GO TRACK or our other products and services.

12GO is dedicated to providing ease of use and efficiency in the transport sector.


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