1...2...GO! and train

Coaching and training your employees to implement internal improvements.

Training for all

12GO offers training courses in which our consultants provide 1-on-1 or group guidance to your employees at your location. This guidance may result from the 12GO Consultancy advice or from the implementation of 12GO products.

12GO Training

With 12GO Training, our consultants offer training to accompany your employees.

12GO product training

After you have implemented a 12GO product, you can choose to have us coach your employees in using your 12GO product. We will teach your employees to get the most out of it for your company. We also try to make the connection with your current systems (TMS, on-board computer, tracking, app, …) so that your employees understand the link between both and can use it optimally.

1-on-1 or in group

Our consultants / trainers can provide both 1-on-1 coaching and group training, depending on your needs and wishes.

At your location

For your convenience, our consultants / trainers come to your location to train your employees.

Personal advice

Years of personal experience give us the insight to give you appropriate and professional advice based on your needs.


Get more out of your employees and systems thanks to our training and coaching sessions


Quickly move to a higher level by training your employees and immediately save time and money

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about 12GO Training or our other products and services.

12GO is dedicated to providing ease of use and efficiency in the transport sector.


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